Performed by Audience & Specialists.

Germany & India 2014

live art & installation

Created by
Amitesh Grover & Frank Oberhäußer
Co-created by
Shaunak Sen
Dramaturgy & Collaboration
Arnika Ahldag & Christin Prätor
Technology Design
Georg Werner, Akshay & Gaurav Srivastava
Sleep Hotel Design and Installation in Delhi
Anagram Architects
Production Management
Lily Tekseng & Katharina Rahn

DOWNTIME is a performative quest to examine the phenomenon of sleep. Audience was invited to participate in carefully curated sleep events. To explore performance in contemporary sleep, participants visit private spaces, public territories, and navigate through personal narratives in a networked environment. They were encouraged to immerse themselves in the diversity and variance of the sleeping experience today.

This project seeks to highlight sleep practices and ideas about sleep as social constructions. An Indian-German project, connecting participants and creating events simultaneously in the two countries, DOWNTIME comprised three events - Sleep Surfing, Sleep-Walk & Sleep Hotel. Duration - 1 week (scattered through nights, days, and multiple sites).