Hand Over Fist


Performed by a Dancer/Actor


devised, theatre

Performance & Writing
Maya Krishna Rao
Sound Design
Ashim Ghosh
Live-Media & Space Design
Amitesh Grover
Produced by

An improvised socio-political caberet, this show explores perspectives on masculinities in contemporary India. How many cross-cutting strands and currents at work in the way masculinities play out in life- scooters, mirrors, revolving chairs, gazes, strokes, grunts, visiting cards, beds, sheets, feet, silences, morning walks, late-night wakefulness...

They are not always tangible, their expression changing continually. These short episodes are an attempt to pick up only some of the strands that make up the larger maze of masculinities. Artists collaborate with live sound, text, action, song and video to draw out the theme of masculinities as it lies embedded in our identity, relationships and work.