I Hate My Body


Performed by Amitesh Grover


live art & installation

Created & Performed by
Amitesh Grover
Produced by
Khojlive 08 - International Performance Art Festival, India

Invoking chants from Shivpurana (Basavanna), 'I Hate My body' develops gestures based on Hijra rituals and mythology, and real-life accounts of transsexuals from around the world. The gesture includes 'walking on fruits' (oranges and bananas; symbolic of fertility in Asian cultures) and a repetitive shaving of body hair from sexually and culturally sensitive body parts.

Video feeds splice live and recorded imagery, and oscillate between docu-soap, television broadcast and popular kitsch. Along with the installation, male representation and subjectivity are made to reveal themselves, as if in a confessional mood, as gendered fictions and opportunities.