Strange Lines


Performed by Actors



Concept & Direction
Amitesh Grover
Amit Saxena (India) & Julia Perazzini (Switzerland)
Set Design
Kumaradas T N
Keshav Kumar
Video Design
Michel Weber
Sound Design
Ish S
Live Drawing
Dheerendra Dwivedi
Production Manager
Mukesh Kumar
Produced by
Prohelvetia, Swiss Arts Council, India.
Based on
The graphic novel anthology When Kulbhushan Met Stockli

Strange Lines follows two young journalists - one each in India & Switzerland - who write letters to each other. They write about themselves, their lives, their cities and the state of their nations in the 21st Century. They draw their bodies and imagine the other's. And then, they meet. They invent stories and sketch their predicaments, and in return are re-drawn by notions of Home & Away, Nativity and Foreignness.