Crowd Sourced Condo juxtaposes real space and information space through the creation of an interactive media sculpture shaped by the remotely collected narratives of callers from New Delhi, India. The sculpture’s main interface is generated in real-time by 6 simultaneous video feeds from New Delhi (India) to Ithaca, NY (US). The audio, spatial and personal data associated with participants in Ithaca is shared with participants in Delhi who in turn share their own data. The media shared by Delhi/Ithaca participants is aggregated into a single 3D visualization that results in a collaborative “space” or generative virtual architecture formed by the discreet drawings contributed by each participant.

As a critique of increasing corporate use of the internet as a means to aggregate large numbers of web users to complete computational tasks - called “crowd sourcing”- , Crowd Sourced Condo reverses the power dynamic of this practice. By allowing individual Indian call-center workers to speak of their tangible surroundings instead of functioning as the voice of an information database, the project seeks to represent an ad hoc subjectivity as the foundation on which future architectures can be built.

Created by Amitesh Grover | Curated & Designed by Stephanie Owens | Performers Sukhesh Arora, Vasudha Sinha, Kapil Madan, Savita Rani

Produced by Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (US) | Installed at Hartell Gallery