I, along with Arnika, immersed myself as an employee in a technology company. Leaky Folds conflates the topographical measure of contemporary workplace with our psychological spreads, that of artists immersed, and waged. Having sought mock-employment in one of India's biggest software firms, I appeared as a worker at various locations across the company's campus - at doorways and in elevators, in fire exits and at secure access points, during night shifts and as shadows of colleagues. I encountered narratives of data secrecy, offshore sites, and recurring crises, as I learnt to perform digital service work. Along with Arnika, I performed disruptions within the workplace - exercises in abstraction, uselessness, and work-lessness. Leaky Fold assembles notes from this 6-months long immersion. Read these perforations as a first-hand comment on the spreadability of digital capital, obsession with logistics and automation, and the messy reality of a post colonial world. Let us reconsider notions of value, leisure, performance, and acceleration. Let bodies leak. Let data leak.

With long-term collaborator Arnika Ahldag. Designed at Oh Design. Commission by Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.