Crowd Condo I

Participants make their own journey through the show, with opportunities to immerse, interact and walkabout their environment. This carefully curated event explores public and private behaviours creating a vibrant fairground of fragmented experiences. It also pushes the notion of interactive performance and spontaneous collaborations among public across cities. These social games embrace questions of mapping & territory, devise unlikely ways for players to communicate, and invite consideration of the physical, digital and social environment of each space. 

in collaboration with multiple artists - Alex Fleetwood (Hide&Seek, UK), Mel Cook (UK), Tassos Stevens (UK), Gary Campbell (UK), Greg McLaren (UK), Vasudha Sinha (India), Antonio Prieto Stambaugh (Mexico), Ricardo Abad (Philippines), Adeela Suleman (Pakistan), Stephanie Owens (US), Robert Walton (Australia), Sapidah Kian (Australia), Tushar Pandey (India), Paribartana Mohanty (India) and Sukhesh Arora (India)