The play opens a disturbing world of contemporary teenage, where notions of gender, sexuality, love, aspirations and hate create a world of disorder and chaos. Does being a Youth necessarily mean to be 'volatile"? Tenderness explores the antagonism and contradiction buried within a common experience of becoming an adult. 

“We were trying to get to this place—it was me and you, I think, and some other people—and it was a little like my house … Although, well, it was my house, but it didn’t look like my house, somehow. And we were trying not to be seen.”

Based on SLUT by Patricia Cornelius and UGLY Christos Tsiolkas. Produced by National School of Drama, India. 

Direction - Amitesh Grover

Acting Tutor - Tushar Pandey/Space Design - Anagram Architects/Set & Electronic Design - Vishnu Barve/Movement Tutor - Rajan Rathore/Grafitti - Anpu Varkey/Sculptures - Rishu Shankar

Cast - Kalyanee Mulay, Himanshu Kohli, Sanal N., V. Uto Chishi, Anupam Dutta, Thoudam Victor Singh, Bharati, D. Anthony Janagi. Design Assistants - Sarika Pareek, Jeetrai Hansda