Boxcura is a collector of everything that resists metrology. In the age of the quantified self, where bodies are coerced into internalising mechanisms of permanent visibility and computation, Boxcura seeks to preserve a sanctuary of an unknowable forrest of our parts. Built of copper (material that enfolds optic data cables under sea), it rests curiously in different locations inviting passersbye to offer a part of themselves into it. Boxcura is fitted with a one-time lock mechanism. Once full and locked, it will remain permanently shut, its contents left to the future of speculation and curiosity to unearth.     

MEDIUM: Copper, wood, 4’x4’x4’, 150 kgs at empty.

With long-term collaborator Arnika Ahldag. Manufactured at Rishu Shankar Studios, Delhi. Commission by Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.