The play unfolds against the backdrop of mega metros, with two protagonists - Tom and Joy. They are symbolic of the rich, ambitious and the successful nouveau riche, who are constantly flying and attending meetings. They are firmly convinced about the righteousness of their movements, the world itself around them moving with dizzying speed. The play depicts the chaotic alienation and estrangement amidst a hoper-connected world - laptops and email accounts, iPods and privilege cards, porno booths, roving cameras, VIP lounges and connecting flights. It envisions a futuristic, successful elitist culture, amidst the histrionics of contemporary urban living.

Direction & Design - Amitesh Grover

Chorus Composition - Ashwini. Cast - Amit Saxena, Padma Damodaran/Chorus - Mallika Taneja, Christine, Roy/Show Manager - Varun Sharma

Based on Electronic City by Falk Richter. Produced by Max Mueller Bhavan/Goethe Institut New Delhi. 2007