What is the work of art in the art of work? How can I perform well while being utterly useless? As contemporary work conditions move foreword to measure the worker in every intimate way - his/her satisfaction, happiness, and growth - what is affective residue of the work of an artist? Can the workplace become not the setting for the work, but of art itself?

Manifesto For How To Occupy -

  • Collapse, become indistinct or intentionally inverted.
  • Oscillate between visibility and invisibility. Choose your moments, timing is of essence here.
  • Persevere with useless tasks - dig a hole, then cover it. Walk in purposeful circularity. Stare into your cubicle, into your laptop screen, indefinitely. Take the elevator up, then down, for your entire work-shift. 
  • Shift incessantly, in your chair, in a meeting, at lunch. Look nervous.
  • Ask questions. Inquire, needlessly. Pick out a detail, obsess over it. 
  • Make duplicates when you can. As many as you can. Duplicate files, folders, parts of code, error reports, emails, texts. Encourage others around to duplicate all they can.
  • Make speeches. Talk as frequently as possible and at great length. Illustrate through abstraction.
  • Hesitate. Always.

With long-term collaborator Arnika Ahldag. Photographs: Ishan Tankha. Commission by Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.