In Delhi, how do people experience sleep in public spaces? Who controls sleep? A local sleep entrepreneur performs a survivor's manual for finding a safe sleeping spot in Delhi, amidst the unclaimed spaces between crossings, under flyovers, and in parking lots. These public sleepers share their compelling experience of encountering the brutality of the city, and how they sleep in improvised spaces. In Berlin, co-owners of Savoir Beds - makers of luxury mattresses - give a tour of their showroom and their manufacturing process. Their hand-made mattresses, starting at 10,000 euros, are easily the most expensive beds in the world. A majority of workers in their factories are South Asians, from India & Bangladesh. The two performance-walks are held simultaneously to highlight contrasting ways in which we as public and as consumers claim sleep and space in the city. 

In collaboration with Ranjit, Shaunak Sen & Frank Oberhausser (Turbo Pascal). Venue - The Iron Bridge. Documentation by Shaunak Sen and Aman Mann

Produced by Heimathafen Berlin & Goethe Institut India.