SLEEP Series03 is conceived as an endurance event, confiigured to test the relationship with sleep in the age of global capital, the armature of pharmaceutical wakefulness, and a 24/7 networked world. Participants are invited to perform sleep over the internet. A complex structure called the Sleep Hotel is built – a façade made of twelve different ‘beds’, with walls made of thickly clustered sound insulating mattresses.

Each ‘bed’ is connected to a counterpart in the other city (Delhi & Berlin in this instance). Each bed requires the two partners, located halfway across the world, to perform a task that focused on one aspect of contemporary sleep today. Participants immerse themselves in different sleep practices, and tasks around sleeping and sleeplessness, as they hop from one enclosure to another through the night. Sleep Hotel is a night-long event, connecting participants in two different cities for over 8 hours continuously. 

In collaboration with Frank Oberhausser (Turbo Pascal). Technic - Georg Werner, Akshay Srivastava. Production - Lily Teksang. Documentation by Shaunak Sen and Aman Mann.

Produced by Heimathafen Berlin & Goethe Institut India. 2014