ENCOUNTER is a temporary production and showroom in which narrative formats for Useful and Non-Useful Philosophy will be tried out and presented. Between 10 to 20 individuals are paired with counterparts in another country/city, through a digital connection in real time. These individuals are experts in specialised knowledge (artists, managers, mothers, pastors, immigrants, scientists, security guards and so on). Each pair is asked to respond to a set of philosophical provocations in the form of questions, statements or statistics. In this way, ENCOUNTER produces a temporary community in which learning and unlearning, knowledge and non-knowledge, and strategies of living and surviving collide.

“Remember that nowadays every philosophy is lost in translation”.

With long term collaborator Arnika Ahldag. Technic by Akshaya Srivastava. Production by Hirashmi. Documentation by Shaunak Sen and Aman Mann. Supported by Theaterfestival schwindelfrei, Mannheim, Germany and Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi. 2014.