Would you like to sleep like someone else? Would you like to author someone else’s sleep? Do you imagine sleeping to be a performance? Be a part of a special gathering of Sleep Surfers. Sleeping like someone else is essentially living like them. This event is structured as a night long experience, in which you visit a stranger’s sleeping place. You follow instructions on how they sleep, spend time in their sleeping environment, and be guided by questions and provocations on contemporary sleep. Is sleeping the way we do today ‘natural’? Did we always sleep in private rooms? How is our sleep shaped by where we sleep, how we sleep, when we sleep? You play the role of a visitor, visiting a temporary museum of sleep. You observe, you record, you live it for one night. The event ends next morning with a complimentary breakfast, where all visitors and their hosts share and archive their discoveries. This is a place-specific event examining the relationship between sleep and private property.

Conceptualised by Amitesh Grover & Frank Oberhäußer | Research & Audiotrack by Arnika Ahldag

Duration: All night | Documentation & Film by Shaunak Sen | Jointly produced by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi & Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin. 2014