All cities have troubled sleep. Delhi tosses and turns between the sleep mafia of Old Delhi, improvised sleep bunkers near Seelampur, the car-sleepers in the Urdu Bazaar parking lots and the innumerable innovated, informal practices that the homeless put together to find comfortable sleeping spots. Is there a survivor’s manual to sleeping in Delhi without money or shelter? Ranjit, a local sleep entrepreneur walks us through one of the many concealed, improvised sleeping places - performing a survivor's manual for finding a safe sleeping spot in Delhi. He shares his own experience of sleeping for years in improvised spaces, and reveals the operation of a local sleep mafia and the informal sleep industry in Delhi. In the same evening, audiences visit the retail store of the most expensive mattress makers in the world - Savoir Beds. The franchise owners give audiences a tour of how the mattresses are hand-crafted, and introduce them to the manufacturing process, where their labour comprises overwhelming of economic migrants from Bangladesh and India. This is a site-specific event examining the contemporary transaction between sleep, economy, and public property.

Conceptualised by Amitesh Grover, Frank Oberhäußer & Shaunak Sen | Performed by Ranjit Kumar & Mrs. Oyly Carte

Duration: 2hrs | Documentation & Film by Shaunak Sen | Jointly produced by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi & Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin. 2014