Error logs and crash-scripts from softwares that run global digital business are used as a fundamental resource for illumination here. This pulsating room - flickering constellations of recurring crises - reminds us of the perpetual anxiety that drives the seamless technosphere today. Much like Frogs who are excellent bug perceivers, but ones who starve to death being surrounded by food if food doesn’t move, the whole world becomes invisible here as it shifts uneasily between one crash and another. What the frog’s eyes cannot tell the brain.

Created by Amitesh Grover (with Arnika Ahldag) | Code Design & Manufacturing by Himanshu Bablani (Ardubotics)) | Material : Neopixel LEDs, Arduinos, Code, Wood, Metal frame, Wires & Power Adapters | Support from HCL Tech Ltd | Originally commissioned for the exhibition Hangar For The Passerby, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.