The film foregrounds the unprecedented volume of labour-intensive digital service industries in South Asia. It features two beckettian-style Induction Day experts, who induct and train hundreds of workers every month for Digital Tech Companies. They profile their personalities, engage them with attention techniques, and verify their background data. Their twisting, gambolling, purposeful bodies are seen alongside the architecture of dreams they inhabit, a site of abundant capital built on data-trade. The building and the gate keepers seem engaged in a pas de deux, staging their spectacular theatre of the absurd, till exhaustion interrupts and brings them to a suicidal halt. 

Film by Amitesh Grover (with Shaunak Sen & Arnika Ahldag). Featuring Roshan Negi & Karthick Palanivel. Support from HCL Tech Ltd. Originally commissioned for the exhibition Hangar For The Passerby, curated at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, India.

Single channel projection (wall-size), 18mins.

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