Semi-autobiographical, the performer tracks herself through video clippings of herself which she recorded at different stages of her life. Tape labels, which stand in for memories, are selected when she invites viewers to 'touch' a part of the video frame which plays a corresponding video. They are her own narrations at and of an age only accessed through the celluloid now. She hears, remembers, agrees, disagrees and calls herself a liar, complicating the process of judgment and truth. Who do we trust - her live presence, or, her narration in her own recordings. Viewers hop from one clipping to another in a self-generating, random manner.

Concept & Direction by Amitesh Grover | Performed by Jhilmil Hazarika | Video Design by Mukund V.R. | Costume by Aditee Biswas | Show Manager Varun Sharma | Based on Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett

Duration: 60 minutes | Language: English | Produced by The British Council, Delhi. 2007