‘A single curiosity drove the idea behind Table Radica – that of taste.’

The Indian Curator

‘Table Radica offers ‘taste-performances’ that bring alive the life, times and food of iconic personalities in Indian theatre.’

The Hindustan Times

‘A food table, an archival table, a listener’s table.’

The Indian Express

‘You have the familiar, made so very distant by theatre of the social, the anti-social and social media’

Telegraph India

'Art project that strikes a chord - Back To Work series by Amitesh Grover and Arnika Ahldag'

Art India 

'He visualised that data, leading to a beautiful light shadow pattern, making you feel as if you are within the cosmos '

Architectural Digest 

'CCTV footage placards with a singular word in an office-like space, creating, through a cluster, a poetic sentence.'

Open The Magazine

On Language, Anti-Language and Silence | Apophenic Talks

The Indian Express

‘The sleep of the grateful dead’ 


"Collective mourning is entirely absent in society. Nowadays we do not meet to mourn collectively," says Grover.

Rediff India News

‘When language reaches its limit or silence becomes a language’

The Pioneer

'A Song for the Dead ' 

The Indian Express

'Weeping, wailing and lamenting can also be a traditional art.'

The Tribune

'Whoever could have thought that sleeping was an art form?'

The Indian Express

'A curated performance event that revolves around human slumber, controlled dreams and diverse sleep patterns.'


‘Random encounters forming capacities for multiple beginnings’

Neha Tickoo

'Schlafen ist als Grundbedürfnis des Menschen gesellschaftliche nicht mehr anerkannt'

Neukollner Net

'Performapedia is set to trigger knowledge of the everyday through mourning, sleeping, walking.'

Digital Development Debates

‘Brave new world of digital theatre’

The Hindustan Times

'Through the hour, both real and virtual space is shared yet one does not pay heed to the real.'

The Sunday Guardian

'Creating a unique performance text and space of its own kind.'

Millenium Post

'this performance art form has a deep sub-text'

Indian Express

'Amitesh plays with the disconnect revealed by technology; the cultural bridge created by it; the transformation of people into online avatars.'

Art & The Internet by Allie Riggs 

Artist Profile

My Theatre Cafe  

'His work raises questions about privacy & access, but also aesthetic questions like what does theater look like in the 21st century?'

Theater and the Net by Brian Bell

'Amitesh believes that culture evolves all the time and is a persistent process.'

The Asian Age

'In The Spotlight - Amitesh Grover'

Pool Magazine

'A cutting-edge multilayered show'


'Amitesh explores the live interface between the body and media in performance'


'My actors shoot themselves, instead of being shot.'

The Hindu